Monday, January 24, 2005

Reminiscence and You

Myra, desira,
flashback to 1985.
Alone, and
clueless as usual,
she drew me in to
her centered self.

Short and compact.
dense curves topped in wavy hair,
Self-assured jewess,
not quite sure why I was there.
Her Saab, homecooked meals,
An older woman loving a fit young man,
melting as my hands caress her spectacular sensitive nipples.

Long kiss goodnight at her door,
with fog rolling off the Merimack River and across Concord.
Hands cupping firm round breasts,
as knees grow weak & juices flow,
4 AM, you've really, really got to go.

Time, life, memories,
longing for new opportunities.
New love blooming beautifully
under the soft ministry of my hand.
I could be that for you, all that and more.
Tonight I send my soul across the miles to fill your dreams.
See if you don't wake up filled with thoughts and longing.
I will stir your nights haunt your days until you finally wake up and gather
me into your life.

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