Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yo deseo

Yo deseo, cómo yo deseo

Yo deseo, cómo yo deseo que usted y yo éramos uno.
Yo deseo, cómo yo deseo que éramos juntos siempre.
Yo deseo, cómo yo deseo que usted eran el mío, aquí y ahora.
Yo deseo, cómo yo deseo que era el tuyo, allí y ahora.

usted es mi sol brillante.
usted es mi vida, mi amor.

Usted completo me.
Tu amor completo me.

Todo mi amor,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Amor Oscuro

amor oscuro
amor profundo
mi amor para ti
a nada es segundo

naranjas y pomelos
y dos onzas del ron
y soñaré con el día
usted y yo seremos uno

Friday, August 20, 2010

I wish . . .

i wish
i could see you now
in person
across the room
within arms reach
in my arms

i wish
i could hold you now
forgetting all
the world and life
shrinking down to a moment
just you & i together

i wish
i could fall asleep
wrapped up with you
and wake
to find you still there
warm in my arms

i wish
that i could hold you so close
that you could see the world through my eyes

i wish
we were walking
hand in hand
sunrise at the ocean
cool afternoon in the woods
dark night under infinite stars

i wish
you were here now
and forever

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thank you, Musician's Friend

At long last, the MF saga is over, thanks to Glenn Ray, Manager of Customer Service and Technical Support, who took a special and personal interest in this case. I was pleased to see someone finally taking a personal interest at Musician's Friend, since customer satisfaction ought to be priority one. Musician's Friend made a considerable number of concessions to me, together with a personal apology.

Thank you, Glenn. Musician's Friend is now once again on my shopping list as a supplier. Pairing top-rate customer service with your amazing selection of goods on your informative web site is a combination that is tough to beat.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am Really NOT . . . . (the CONTINUEING SAGA OF my fun with MUSICIAN'S FRIEND

I am really NOT a mean SOB. Perhaps reading the Musician's Friend Posts you might think otherwise ( and I am generally reasonable, calm, thoughtful, considerate and caring. But when things go wrong due to the shortcomings of someone or some thing, particularly if that thing is a business or corporation, I like to let them know about it. First, I want them to know that they failed me. Second, I hope that they learn from the experience so that they do better next time.

I generally do this sort of thing on the down low, behind the scenes, typically via email. It is only when I get particularly frustrated by the bone-headedness of an institution that I take it to the streets, ie. my BLOG.

Musician's Friend, the online music store, is the latest in a very short list to earn my ire. There has been some dialogue, but it took a considerable amount of time before this big, nasty issue got bounced up to someone in management. Check out the comments on the more recent post to see the direction Musician's Friend is heading to prevent a reoccurance and to compensate me in some way for the frustration, missed opportunities due to equipment not arriving when ordered (should they pay my nightly gig fee?). Hey, I ordered in PLENTY of time to have what I needed when I needed it. And I payed for expedited fast shipping when necessary.

So far, I've got ANOTHER promise to personally walk an order to the door (which means what, seeing as how the warehouse is States away from the operations center -- occasionally bringing up some tracking number status on a computer screen?). It worked so well before.
       Come on, I am allowed to be a little cynical at this point. Go back and read the two prior posts.



Friday, August 06, 2010

A night for sleeping not slept - What souls do pets possess?

A night for sleeping not slept, as
I ponder: What souls do pets possess?

Finally, a night for sleeping
Cool and dry.
Through the window
A light breeze
Chirp chirp of a cricket
Steady low buzz of some other bug
Intent on finding a mate.

On the bed beside me,
Young dog sighs,
Nuzzles into my side
And soon snores, quiet & content.
Overhead, old dog paces,
Panting loud & steady as a racing locomotive,
And drags a hind leg from room to room.

Euthanasia, thy time has come.
No quietly slipping away while we sleep.
He's a good dog, family.
I feel like he helped raise the kids.
He cries not,
But his pain, standing, laying, rising, or climbing stairs,
Is unbearable to watch.

What souls do pets possess?
When we stare into their eyes,
Is it the infinite connection of all living things,
Or just a reflection of our own humanity,
Our longings, desires, need to be loved,
That we see?
If dogs don't go to heaven, I don't want to go.