Monday, May 11, 2015

My rant: GoDaddy Junk Mail Filters Suck! (As does their customer support)

I have a hosted domain and upgraded email through GoDaddy. I've noticed that even with Spam Filters turned on, I get tons of SPAM - nothing is getting blocked. When I called GoDaddy tech support, they said if I purchased Private Domain Listing, all this would go away. However, all my email addresses hosted by GoDaddy are full of unfiltered SPAM, not just the one listed on my WhoIS domain listing.

I've been going through all my hosted email accounts on GoDaddy, even my non-public and catch-all addresses, and the inboxes are ALL full of SPAM, even with filtering turned on. Nice job, GoDaddy, for making my email addresses useless.

So, customer support didn't solve the issue. They only tried to upsell me an additional service! I guess the hundreds of dollars I've spend per year on GoDaddy services just isn't enough. And doesn't rate real customer service.They don't even have customer service via email anymore - guess they were getting too much SPAM (ha!)!.

My advice to you: use gmail and gmail business services for your email addresses. I'll be leaving GoDaddy as soon as possible.