Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No Fooling

I can't even kid myself anymore:
I look like I've aged 5 years in 6 months time.
If the rate is accelerating,
that dreaded exponential curve,
I'll be what, 80 for my 50th?

I heard it from a wise curmudgeon today,
the old doctor on Scrubs, actually,
that anything worth having is hard work.

Is the hard work worth it,
to survive more years of the same old grind?
Can't buy back the time.
Ah, but the memories.
Laughter, love, music.
It's like an old song I once wrote:
"I'll keep living, loving, & laughing.
Maybe some day I'll learn."

I don't laugh so much anymore. I miss the laughter & relish it when it rolls over a gathering like an unexpected summer storm - loud, and leaving cooler, lighter air in its wake.

And love? Well, that is a tale for another day. I'm happy now just thinking about laughter. I could make you laugh, I can make you laugh. But now is the time to snuggle back & simply reflect on laughter gone by.