Thursday, September 18, 2008

May Dawn Frost Your Birthday Cake

Dawn starts like a northern twilight, an extended period of deep blue around the horizon. At last, bands in shades of yellow-orange to the east announce the new day. Ground fog sorrounds the mountain peaks and shrouds the boggy valleys, hilltops like islands in a sea of whipped topping.
The colors of the dawning horizon are unmatched by all, crystal clear saturations that meld endlessly, clear shade to clear shade. Gel colors of infinite variation.
Such is how I would frost your birthday cake, if it were possible. . . an explosion of bright dawn hues to commemorate life and time and love.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thoughts on Legacy

Why couldn't my family legacy have been money instead of crazy?!

Life is not lived well without the freedom that comes with youth, or money.

Life, love, music. I am still me, just coated in a clay-like lining, the ashes of my life.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall is Here in the Adirondacks

So, it may still be warm and sunny where you are, but fall has fallen here in the Adirondacks. The air is cool & moist. The vegetation of roadside ditches and fields are shades of amber and brown. The sky, when overcast, is a solid sheet of gray; when clear, it is all blue. The crickets have been singing madly the last few weeks, presumably in hopes of that last big splurge before it gets really cold.

The garden, such as it is, is starting to fade, the plants wilting in the frosty night air. Even with a nighttime covering of assorted blankets and sheets, things are starting to go soft. This is it - there will be no more ripened tomatoes and the cukes & zukes are struggling to fatten their last fruit of the vine.

I like fall, especially the sometimes long-lasting Adirondack fall. But the sound of crickets really depresses me, as it signals and end to the summer. Time to wrap up all those outdoor projects and prepare to snuggle down for eight months.

My Spore Creatures

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Whompers Fall Tour

The Whompers fall tour

Vicious Cluster Migraines

I've had vicious cluster migraines since Saturday, August 30. This morning, I was REALLY floating on the cocktail of medication taken for my migraine: codeine (90), phenergan (75), lyrica (150), indomethacin (50) & pepsid (20). The grand result was a minor relief from the pain, a bit wobbly at times, and now wide awake at 2AM and unable to sleep (I have a paradoxical reaction to narcotics so that what should knock me out winds me up like it is speed).

Spore is Coming!

The long-awaited release of Spore, a Sims-like game where you evolve creatures in a virtual world, is coming September 7. Meanwhile, you can get Spore Creature Creator (trial or full version) now. I used the trial version to create this creature that I call a Pernicious Glitch.

The following video shows a family of Pernicious Glitches dancing and cavorting about. Enjoy!

A family of Pernicious Glitches dancing (created with Spore Creature Creator)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blogging Away

I have been spending a lot of time logging the midnight hour lately updating my various blogs and websites. I have been posting daily to my redesigned Lake Stewardship Blog. I have also added an Amazon Affiliate Lake Stewardship store to my redesigned Lake Stewardship Website, my Lake Stewardship Blog and my Algae Blog. I have also added a few new environmental widgets to my Wandering Limnologist website.

I would sure appreciate some traffic being driven to these sites, so please link to them if you find any of them useful to you. These websites would be of special interest to environmentalists, outdoor persons, lake residents, water sports enthusiasts, Adirondackers, as well as the environmental scientists, limnologists, etc.