Saturday, September 06, 2008

Vicious Cluster Migraines

I've had vicious cluster migraines since Saturday, August 30. This morning, I was REALLY floating on the cocktail of medication taken for my migraine: codeine (90), phenergan (75), lyrica (150), indomethacin (50) & pepsid (20). The grand result was a minor relief from the pain, a bit wobbly at times, and now wide awake at 2AM and unable to sleep (I have a paradoxical reaction to narcotics so that what should knock me out winds me up like it is speed).


  1. Have any doctors ever prescribed Imitrex for you? It's a non-narcotic. I've had cluster headaches for 12 years and this drug has literally saved my life.

    My neurologist, excellent by the way, lives and practices in Saranac Lake. I live in Plattsburgh. There's all sorts of new relief for extreme vascular headaches. Feel free to contact me with questions.

    Pain free hopes, Bob.

  2. Gee, Bob. A med that has been out 10+ years. Why didn't I think of that?! Seriously, thanks, but there isn't much we haven't tried. I've been going to a specialist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. I'm not as impressed by Dr. M. Our "local" neurologist has his limits, which include "complex" neorological issues.