Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Meredith - 9/6/06

This is going to be tough,
already is tough.
And I feel guilty, responsible, somehow.
My bad choices affecting the lives of loved ones.
God's wrath.
Although that puts rather more importance on me than is deserved.
I am just a nothing, like all of us:
loved by Christ, but no real part in any grand scheme.
Love thy neighbor, feed my sheep -
the one great commandment & the grand commission.
A tool where you find yourself,
but placed there by God?
I've always thought so, prevenient grace and all,
but others argue "No, just one in a multitude & if not you, then the next fellow."
And yet, among the living, life goes on.
Diminished by each passing, or so I feel today.

Pockets full - 9/6/06

Jesus, my suitcoat pockets are overflowing with funeral programs & memory cards. I can't hardly take it no more. Not worth suffering any more unhappy years.