Thursday, December 30, 2010

Road to Keeseville

Crystal-draped ledges loom over Route 9
The sun does not rise this winter morn
Blue-grey light diffuses slowly across the sky

A year winds down, grey and damp
A day brightening minute by minute
The North Country awakens to a new day

Deep in a valley swamp,
A mother moose lifts her dripping muzzle
And glances around to check on her young twins

Raven sits on a high branch and leans into a call
Brother crow wings across the wooded ledge
And dips it's black wings in recognition

Down to earth, deep in snow
A meadow vole shuffles it's well-worn path
And seeks new greens for nibbling

In a neighboring valley
Wood smoke curls from a fresh-stoked fire
Sweetly scenting the air with cherry wood

At last the sun does rise
Golden-yellow on granite and ice
As songbirds cheerfully greeting the new day

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Curse of the Gemini

I am cursed with thinking
Grey matter. Synapses firing
Trying to assemble the meaning of being.
Life random
The things gathered in our lifetime
Days and nights filled
Not so much why am I here
As it is why are you

By extrapolation
Each of us
A circle of influence in others' livers
Are we not, therefore,
All the more valuable to one another?

Family is given, an act of birth
Friends and lovers, on the other hand,
Are somehow chosen
From the pool of humanity in which we swim
Even years apart can not shred the warmth of familiarity
When old friends meet.

A good life is filled
With a cast of characters
Psychic links vibrating the spirit
Like a fly shakes the spider's web
The mind springing to alertness in the dark of night
Or resting pensive and still as arctic noon air

Your pain, I feel,
Across unmeasured units of time and space
The joy, not so much.
Sending prayers and
Warm waves of healing
In lieu of my touch

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Winter Eve

Snow squeaking underfoot
Laden pine boughs droop low
Sickle moon brightly shining
Through bare branches maples sleeping
Orion draws his bow
Against the silent gloss black sky

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Pines stand on the hill
Grey-green in the gathering dusk
Snow-covered branches dimly aglow
Winter sky a leaden backdrop of
Purple black clouds heavy with snow