Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Dance

Do you remember how it was?
How it felt?
That flush of new love,
heart-rapping, breathe-stealing.
Every touch electric,
every kiss a bolt of heart-stopping lightening.
Your face flushing warm, loins ache,
slow exploration of new territory,
hands slip beneath cloth
finding spots that set you free,
drove you wild, expanded your soul.

I'd like to relive young love with you,
if you'll have me.

We are . . .

we are what we are

we are
-----what we are
we are
----- what we make of ourselves
we are
----- what others allow us to be
we are
----- what we allow ourselves to be

do not be confined
----- by who you think you are
----- who you were
----- or who others make you out to be
allow yourself to be amazed
----- by how others see you
----- how you are many things

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The night weeps

Darkness falls, black, starless.
Rain pelts hard
on a forest sans silluehete.
Tears drown on a night like this,
and anguished cries fade silent
against a damp & moss-covered wood.

My tears fall for you.
My cry rents for you.
You, living one day at a time,
laying with death each night.
How is it you still smile?
And still light my life?

The night weeps
and the tears wash clean the night
bring forth a new day
a day of light & life.
For some the first, renewed
yet others the last evermore.

If I could
take your hand
hold you close
let the rain wash over us.
Each breath, each heartbeat shared,
would you honor me with your soul?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

42°00'54"N by 74°00'00"W elev. 270'

Transient people
baking on white-blocked pavement
seeking rest, relief & a bite to eat,
squinting into bright-lit heat.