Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Skyline | Fall, Downstate

Hillside oaks in late October,
Set aglow by a low-slung sun;
A skyline of crystalline amber
Poised against a backdrop
Of silver blue and wispy white

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Religious TV Today - There should be a WHOLE LOT OF SMITING GOING ON!

So I am unwinding after my early Praise Service and decided to flip through the religious channels on DirecTV. There are a lot of choices at 10:30AM EDT. Every one - EVERY ONE - but two asked for money within 2 minutes of turning to the channel. And MOST within 30 seconds or less. It is wrapped up in false Christianity - don't you know the Lord WANTS you to have EVERYTHING you want. Wow! Such crap, such false teaching.

Here are the networks and the shows:
  • Fox - Hour of Power (ready to start a new life  with God, call now!)
  • Inspirational Channel - Turning Point (get books and stuff with your gift - "order today")
  • God TV - Missions Week - (a new season of giving for a new level of media ministry)
  • World Harvest TV - (my favorite, God's diet plan!)
  • Daystar - Ed young TV  (i want you to connect with us/partner with us)
  • The Church Channel - Medina Pullings (buy Dr. Pullings book)
  • TBN - Pastor Ed young, Sr. (come to their Holy Land Experience Theme Park!)
  • Word - Armor of God - come to our revival
Only TWO aren't direct marketing:
  • EWTN - Faith and Culture (analysis of various religious views); One World Praying (leading the world in prayer - today it is Catholics and The Rosary) - I;m going to take down my Rosary and learn about Fatima
  • BYU TV - Brigham Young University network (well, they are pushing just THEIR version of Christianity and THEIR University
 Isn't ANY wonder that the unchurched are turned off? Think about it. This is probably the ONLY religion that many people are exposed to,  and only as they quickly turn to and say "Oh, see, there they go again. Just asking for money."

Imagine the Heavenly Host looking down and tuning in. . . .
  • It makes a pretty good argument for their IS NO GOD! 
  • There should be a whole lot of smiting going on!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lifespan, darkly

I've been thinking . . .
we humans may be nothing more
than glorified mayflies.
To the mountain, or even the stately white pine,
our lives flash by,
jittering to and fro by fate,
like monarchs soaring on the vagaries of the wind.
We control nothing but the general bearing
to some extent,
the distance traveled.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

"More to Love" Author/Artist Addresses Woman's Body Image Acceptance in Today's Culture

Everyone needs to read the well-spoken, well-studied Author of "More to Love," Elizabeth Patch, in her latest interview by Woman Globally as she discusses acceptance of body image for women in today's culture.

Check it out at

The Over 40 Guide to Survival©

Bookmark this post ( - I will continue to add to it as I get more. Feel free to add your own in the comment section!


Shirts are made to be tucked in. If you have a paunch, get used to it. You aren't hiding anything by leaving your tails out.


Get used to hair. More hair on your chest could be a plus. But damn, do something about hair on your ears, in your ears, and shagging out your nostrils!


Learn to iron and care about how you look. Ironing isn't so difficult and here are the major things you need to know. Get an iron capable of making steam. Get a real ironing board and ironing pad (ironimg board cover).

Take a look at your shirts. Set the iron heat to match the material of the shirt (on a color or side tag). Cotton for cotton, polyester for polyester (throw that shit out!). Usually you can get away with ironing a few key places. Iron down the button strips on both sides, using a blast of steam to help. (Hold iron against material and press steam button - read the owners manual).

By the way, the ironing board is shaped like a torpedo for a reason. If you place the collar end of your shirt at the pointy end of the board, everything fits nicely.

So, continuing on with your shirt. After you iron the button strips, iron the front ONLY if it is wrinkled badly. Check the sleeves. They will often need a touchup, especially at the ends. Be sure and line up so a straight line runs from top of shoulder down to cuffs. You may only need to iron the cuffs. Sone short sleeve shirts have cuffs and these often wrinkle.

Lastly, iron the collar. Lift it up flat with back of shirt, lay it out smooth and blast it with steam. Fold collar back into place and press it into place using your iron.

There. Unless your shirt is a total wrinkle ball, then you are ready to head out Looking Good! By the way. If you remove your clothes from the dryer as soon as they are dry, they can be less wrinkled. Hang your shirts on hangers while still warm and button every other button and make sure to button the top button.


An Over Forty Fact of Life: It is hard to find your glasses without your glasses.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Help Pick Songs for Upcoming Benefit Concert

I am performing at an upcoming benefit concert for Rett's Syndrome, August 17 at Harrietstown Town Hall in Saranac Lake. I am limited to 12 minutes which is three songs. The YouTube Playlist has four songs. Option 1 is songs 1 - 3 (Knockin on Heavens Door, Honeybee Song, Summer Fading. Option 2 is all originals, songs 2 - 4 (Honeybee Song, Summer Fading, For Emily) - If you hover over the playlist video window below, you will see the four songs listed as small thumbnails.

Please comment and let me know your preference. Thank you.

More info:

See and for more information about Rhett's Syndrome and the upcoming Benefit Concert in Saranac Lake

Mathew's Soccer Game Slide Show

Mathew and the Saranac Lake High School Varsity Soccer at Ausable Valley - October 6 2009
(give it a minute to load)

Mathew is Number 7! I'll have to get a team roster.