Sunday, October 18, 2009

Religious TV Today - There should be a WHOLE LOT OF SMITING GOING ON!

So I am unwinding after my early Praise Service and decided to flip through the religious channels on DirecTV. There are a lot of choices at 10:30AM EDT. Every one - EVERY ONE - but two asked for money within 2 minutes of turning to the channel. And MOST within 30 seconds or less. It is wrapped up in false Christianity - don't you know the Lord WANTS you to have EVERYTHING you want. Wow! Such crap, such false teaching.

Here are the networks and the shows:
  • Fox - Hour of Power (ready to start a new life  with God, call now!)
  • Inspirational Channel - Turning Point (get books and stuff with your gift - "order today")
  • God TV - Missions Week - (a new season of giving for a new level of media ministry)
  • World Harvest TV - (my favorite, God's diet plan!)
  • Daystar - Ed young TV  (i want you to connect with us/partner with us)
  • The Church Channel - Medina Pullings (buy Dr. Pullings book)
  • TBN - Pastor Ed young, Sr. (come to their Holy Land Experience Theme Park!)
  • Word - Armor of God - come to our revival
Only TWO aren't direct marketing:
  • EWTN - Faith and Culture (analysis of various religious views); One World Praying (leading the world in prayer - today it is Catholics and The Rosary) - I;m going to take down my Rosary and learn about Fatima
  • BYU TV - Brigham Young University network (well, they are pushing just THEIR version of Christianity and THEIR University
 Isn't ANY wonder that the unchurched are turned off? Think about it. This is probably the ONLY religion that many people are exposed to,  and only as they quickly turn to and say "Oh, see, there they go again. Just asking for money."

Imagine the Heavenly Host looking down and tuning in. . . .
  • It makes a pretty good argument for their IS NO GOD! 
  • There should be a whole lot of smiting going on!

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