Thursday, January 27, 2005

introspective speck

Are you out there ?
Do you hear the ramblings
of this introspective speck ?
this inconsequential in the universe?
What purpose, what purpose?
What purpose serves I?
What consequence my thoughts
as I streak 'cross the sky ?

You love me ?
So you love me.
It matters not here.
No soft cheek to caress,
no whispering ear,
no love cast unspoken
to one who is near.
You love me ?
So you love me.
It matters not here.

A soul with love to give,
no one to receive,
is a sad soul indeed.
Worse is the love
that can not be shared.
It's a life that you choose,
so just be aware
my heart, oh my heart
You've crushed it in there.

Look in my eyes.
See what lies within
See what could be
See the depth of my pain.
My pain, true,
but do not discount
contributions of you.

OK, so its the rum talking.
Just get me on the ground, and to my hotel room
where I can commisserate in my aloneness.

1/27/05 8:50 pm
1/27/05 9:04 pm
737-300, seat 11A, westbound

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