Saturday, January 29, 2005

Albany flight, homeward bound.

EMB 170 Pittsburgh to Albany,
Pretty good crowd.
Fellow got pulled off at the last minute,
on an Albany plane with a ticket to LaGuardia.
& I got a seatmate @ the last minute.

Red Bull for the ride home.
Mmmmm. . . Red Bull & Skittles.
That ought to keep me charged for the long, cold, dark drive home!

Home. Home to my refuge, such as is.

1/28/05 8:25 pm

Heading North out of Pittsburgh,
fat orange moon on the Eastern horizon.
Lights strung out across the ground
like sodium vapor orange & incandescent whiteblue constellations
in a black velvet sky.

50-something cabin attendances,
old enough to be longretired stewardesses,
prepare to make the beverage cart circuit,
dispensing the ubiquitous pretzel pak.
Make mine a Bloody Mary, please.
OK, no vodka, but the mix tastes just fine!

1/28/05 9:03 pm

10 minutes to touchdown
1/28/05 9:32 pm

Home at last.
That's all for this whirlwind roadtrip!

1/29/05 12:47 am
Cedar Eden

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