Friday, January 28, 2005

Outbound to Pittsburgh

Indianapolis Airport,
Outbound to Pittsburgh.
Waiting at a gate,
sorrounded by travelers,
single & in pairs, and groups of three.
Chatting, discussing, business
while I sit near invisible.
Waiting for a flight,
bored with reading,
watching the sky turns gray with high clouds - a premonition of approaching
snow - and nightfall.

A group of three,
reviewing resumes,
discussing interviews,
deciding someone's future.
Not an envious job, but better their role
than that of the prospective hopefulls'.
Power I once had,
the pleasant power to give a chance to someone deserving,
hiring interns & staff.
I miss that.

Tme to board. . .

Full flight,
an Embraer 145,
with 1 seat left, and 2seats right.
Me, I'm left, next to the last row -
a window seat AND an aisle!
Too small for even my 1 tiny carry-on!

1/28/05 5:56 pm
Indianapolis Airport
1/28/05 6:17 pm

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