Thursday, January 27, 2005


Here I sit. Alone.
Washington National Airport.
No one to talk to, no one to call.
Like the beginning of my life,
the beginning of my consciousness,
the bulk of my memory -

1/27/05 7:32 pm
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

I have often been here,
in solemn inward retreat.
You might say it is my natural condition.
Natural, perhaps, but
not any more the pleasant for it.
That such a gregarious personality should also be
so rooted in introspectivosity.

1/27/05 8:11 pm
Westbound flight to Indianapolis

Ah, Bacardi and Coke -
a nectarous union of acid & alcohol,
esters and carbon rings.
Now if only they'd turn off that blasted seat belt sign!

1/27/05 8:33 pm
Westbound 737 to Indianapolis

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