Tuesday, June 08, 2004


. . . is not the cute little loving creature that I thought she was. I knew she wasn't loving but I still though she was cute.
. . . is really a tough little woman who rules her friends and for some reason they respect her. I saw her acting like the little gang leader she is at Party '78.
. . . is not loving because she doesn't have to be. Her friends love to be with her because she laughs and has lots of cute mannerisms.
. . . can see that I have something better to offer but she lusts for power. SHe doesn't have to go to her so-called friends, they will come to her.
But this one will no longer ! !

She was a classic example of
"that cute little thing
who never did nothing but
who got everything."
She's still quite a charmer
and she's everyone's pet.
But you've kept her from caring
and she still can't care yet.

Now I'm mad at the world
for what you've done to her soul.
I've tried hard to help her.
She'll probably never be whole.
How can she miss caring?
She never had to try.
How can she know sharing?
You have her living a lie.

You;ve cared for her and loved her,
impressed by her charm but
never making her care back
did less good than harm.

I gave her my love but
she could not respond.
Now the damage you did
has broken our bond.

from The secret lives of Fibber McGee
by Michael R. Martin c.1978

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