Tuesday, June 22, 2004

a migraine*

sickening pain, up one side of the neck,
through half the face,
sizzling at the scalp and searing through one eyeball

the mind screaming in agony
sickness rising from deep below the stomach
pushing against the back of the throat

no hope for reasoning
no ability to focus externally
the mind collapsing in upon its miserable self

the clock ticks too loud
each second crashes like cymbals
sending synaptic shockwaves through the brain

any light is too bright
but sunglasses do little to help closed eyes
when eyelids phosphoresce hot white, lime green & purple

and any medicines that DO work, make you much sicker first,
intensified pain & nausea until you finally pass out
and sometime later your brain reboots, and you awake

but its not over then
for now, though thankfully pain-free,
follows a period of wiped out listless detachment

and some days the meds don't work, the pain grows,
mounting upon itself in cressendo triple forte and life becomes meaningless,
the mind collapses upon itself, no longer able to escape the blackhole of pain

on those days, at that time
you have but one angel of mercy, one savior
and that is the one who finally jabs you with demerol

*Not The migraine, just one of many

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