Monday, June 28, 2004

Miscellaneous Notes From the Road

assorted unrelated thoughts as dictated into my Sony Clie PDA -- random, perhaps works in progress, perhaps stuff for the cutting room floor. I know they are not all "keepers"
Pearlescent clouds on baby blue
the sky, to me, today.

I marvel at the glorious scene
how many shades of green?


What if Jesus were to come into the world today,
at a time when we idolize sports figures, fashion models, and pop stars;
How would he be received?

Would we receive him for who he was
Or would we, like the Pharisees of old,
doubt him and seek to condemn him to death?

How would we recognize him?
How would he make himself known to a world
that is hung up on TV,
and the internet,
and instant messaging,
and Hollywood?


I know your life is sometimes hard.
And that I at times make it harder.
But I do have a deep love for you.
Like the deep love I have for
this green earth and its waters.

It's not a unique love.
I feel it for some, at times for many.
But it is a deep love, a true love.
And hopefully knowing that will make your life
just a little easier.


A trampoline
is a fun machine.
It recalls to you your youth.

Jump a while.
Can't help smile.
And that's the God's honest truth.

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