Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Musician's Friend Continues to M F-up with my orders - WHY MUSICIAN'S FRIEND SUCKS! STILL! AND MORE!

  • Take a simple order. Ship it ground. Check. - Call this Order 1
  • Take another simple order to ship overnight. Ship by ground instead. NOT check. Call this Order 2A
  • Promise to stop order 2A and overnight a replacement (Order 2B). Stop order 1 instead. NOT check.
  • Promise to "walk that overnight replacement order" 2B out the door so it arrives by needed date. NOT check
For those keeping score, that is 1 error, 1 compounded error, and 1 egregious error (breaking a promise made "to set things right")

UPDATE (and more MF-ups at MF, the company)

Order 1 is now almost a week overdue. A check of the tracking information shows that order 1 was recalled back to MF again instead of being sent back out to me and the original order 2A is being sent back out to me instead of being accepted as a return. AS OF TODAY July 23, the package that was OUT FOR DELIVERY TO ME on July 16, literally an hour or less from my door until ERRONEOUSLY RECALLED by Musician's Friend, is now in Randolph MO! The UPS truck probably drove by my house several times that day with the order in back. A WEEK LATE, not moving in my direction,  AND MUSICIAN'S FRIEND HASN'T EVEN OFFERED TO SHIP IT BACK TO ME THE FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE. - OK they did offer. AFTER I called to follow up and was on hold for a long time while they tried to sort this mess out again. So, when it finally arrives, it will only be a week and a half late.

ALL of this mess was initiated by Musician's Friend. The correction for accidentally recalling order 1 instead of order 2A was to send order 1 back out to me after it reached the warehouse. Instead, order 1 is somewhere in Kansas and 2A is heading my way.

Score: Musician's Friend 4, Me 0
And we both lose.

I've lost all faith in MF, and I've spent not inconsequential amounts with them over the years (including a Gibson Les Paul Standard, multiple amps, etc.).

Musician's Friend loses one loyal customer, and the value of that goodwill in personal recommendations.
I'll never receive anything I ordered when I needed it. I may never even receive everything I've ordered. I am concerned that I'll never receive all the refunds and discounts I am due.

Fellow musicians, if you are listening. Take your business elsewhere. I recommend locally. Support the local shop and they will support the local music scene.

Musician's Friend, if YOU are listening, and I particularly mean MF CEO, President or other senior executive, hear me:
  1. your first error (ground instead of overnight), while it shouldn't have happened, was easy to make right so that I got my stuff and you retained my goodwill. 
  2. Your second error (recalling wrong order) was bogus since I specifically offered to provide the order number to prevent confusion, because your rep was clearly confused. 
  3. Your third error - WHAT! Now NOTHING would arrive on Friday?! REALLY?! And yet, as amazing as it sounds, your errors are continuing.

Mr/Madam President/CEO of Musician's Friend-

Why have order numbers if you don't use them to actually manage orders? Crap, forget about that. Just GET somebody with a brain to figure out how much money you owe me in refunds on merchandise returned (recalled by you intentionally and accidentally) and see to it that I get those refunds. I'd be happy to provide the order numbers.
On second thought, that is giving you all too much credit (no pun). Just refund my credit card for ALL my purchases in the last month. That way, you won't need no stinkin' order numbahs.
THAT, and a direct apology, will make it right.

Matter Resolved 08/16/10: See


  1. Hello Michael,

    My name is Glenn and I’m a manger here at Musicians Friend. I tried to call you and have also sent you an email. I would like the opportunity to talk to you about the issues you have had with us. I can be reached at 1-800-776-5173 extension 8839.


  2. Hello Michael,
    This is Glenn from Musicians Friend. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reach you the last few days. I have refund the total for the orders you have had issues with. I would like to extend my deepest apologies for all the problems that you’ve experienced with us. The problems you’ve endured shouldn’t have happened. I want you to know that we have been looking into your experience to ensure they don’t happen again, to you, or any other customers. Please feel free to contact me directly in the future. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that you are willing to give us a chance to make things right.

    Thank you,
    Glenn Ray