Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Earth & Recovery

There is no such thing as planetary recovery. The earth was, is, and always will be changing - with or without us.

We silly humans don't handle change well. River dwellers battle against its natural change of course. Lake swellers rail against the natural changing shape of the shoreline, the natural alteration of water level. Did I say silly humans? I think I meant conceited humans.

Even nature shows on the National Geographic Channel talk about suvh things as "will the planet recover if humans disappear today?" Recovery presumes there is a static, ideal state. And in earthly terms, there is no such thing as chemical, biological, or physical stasis.

Silly, selfish humans.

Michael R. Martin, CLM (non-profit)
Cedar Eden Environmental LLC, Saranac Lake NY | 518.572.2104

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