Monday, May 04, 2009

Life, Another Way

I am no longer going to live my life passing the time waiting between events, whiling away the hours. I am going to live all that life in between and when an event rolls around its going to be a big, happy bonus.

I sure hope to see you in the betweens!

Life really is all that time that passes between waiting for things to happen. Stop waiting. Start living.

Maybe we should stop marking our calendars with the where's and what's of the near future. Let's just mark them with the moments spent listening to birds calling before the sun rises, watching new leaves burst forth from gray and brown buds into brightly green vibrance.

(But I do have to speak of exciting events, none the less.)
• I hear tell that there may be an unheard-of August performance by the Whompers!
• There's also an early summer trip planned to UNC Greensboro to get oriented with our incoming freshman!
• And a July Island bash with high school friends.
• And another trip to NC in August to move her in for her first semester.
• AND, after a 1 year hiatus, Meadowlark Music Camp will once again be serenading the loons of Washington Maine at the end of August!

I'll get a lot of practice filling in the betweens and letting the events just roll on by.

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