Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Rains

The sky a diffuse brightness that hurts the eyes
Between clouds
Dark, heavy, hanging low
Ready to burst upon the landscape:
Green lawns splashed with waves of yellow
Profusion of dandelions;
The hillsides misty lime green
Leaves still crinkled with newness;
Rivers of black, cold water
Bursting banks to meander across wooded valleys;
Quiet village, shades of pale paint
Winter's damp sand accumulated in all its corners;
Small boy pedals his bike, singing to himself
Weary mother trails behind, walking as if on leaden legs.

Mother with child, defiant, spreads blanket along the water's edge
To sit and gaze upon the grey, rippled surface of a mill pond.

And everything changes if but for a moment of pure sunshine -
The landscape,
The mood,
The energy level of life.

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