Friday, January 16, 2009

Lost & Found

I dug out an old notebook that I was using for songwriting and poetry etc. back in the early days, circa 1978 - 1985. Man, there must be 60 songs in there, at least! And it is stuffed with pages and pages of whatever paper I could find or had at hand, full of scribbled thoughts and songs, song bits and thought fragments. So cool! I should scan some of the pages and post them here. I'll definately share some with you as I go through and relearn a bunch. I might have to extend my time in the studio coming up in Feb/March to record a bunch. My solo album will have to become a double or triple CD, maybe even a box set!

My 1977 Alvarez Yari Tree of Life was unplayable after I cut a new nut for it. I could tune it perfect and then simple chords were all 
out of wack. I finally took it to my favorite guitar tech at my favorite instrument shop, Scott at the Vintage Fret Shop in Ashland NH. It took him 15 minutes and cost me $15 bucks. He 
filed the nut down so the strings were at the right height and knocked off some sharp ends of some of the frets he put in a few years back. And just like that, it is back. My old guitar. I am absolutely ecstatic! That's me with my Alvarez, circa 1982. Everyone who knows me for playing knows my guitar. She's been a part of me since 1978, bought new the summer before I headed off to college.

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