Friday, January 16, 2009

About Thia's Song

Here's what has been said about my song, "Thia's Song," on my iLike user page:

Sue Merchant
Mar 10, 07:15 AM

Michael - Hi! Just wanted to post a message to say I really, really like 'Thia's Song' - Its beauty for me is with the meaningful lyric which you deliver beautifully with just the right amount of pathos ...and I loved to the simplicity but sophistication of the melody. I've added your song to my ilike list for my friends to see in the hope of sending some folk your way who will hopefully appreciate the song as I do...I personally think the song most worthy of a professional production just for maximum sound quality thats all. It would be well worth the outlay ...its quite, quite beautiful :o) All good wishes to you in your career Michael and do keep the songs coming! :o) All the best Sue

Michael R. Martin
Mar 11, 02:40 PM

Thanks, Sue, for the kind comments. There is a great story behind that song. I wrote it for my "baby" sister who had been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma. Thanks to a lot of prayers and the good folks at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Cancer Center, she is now 4 years in remission.

Sue Merchant
Mar 11, 03:54 PM

:o) Now I see why I was able to feel the beauty in the song Michael - You have paid your little sister a most loving tribute and my very sincere best wishes go out to you all - may she continue to stay well for many, many years to come. A pleasure to have met you Michael - albeit 'virtually' :o) 
Kindest regards Sue

Check out Sue Merchant by clicking on her name above. She makes beautiful music.

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