Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adirondack Autumn

The days are pleasant, sunny and cool
Sunset arrives too soon but glorious high altitude/high latitude, deep purple twilight drags on
Each morning the sun rises on mist-filled valleys
Vibrant rays across earthbound clouds of pure white

The meadows take on a golden glow as goldenrod flowers and grasses give up their chlorophyll to the frosty nights
In nearby woods and windbreaks, hints of fall colors begin to appear - a branch here, a tree there
Down in the wet lands, maples are already shading towards red and orange
While the hillsides show a muted tint of yellows and browns

Peak "foliage" comes early to the landscape around Saranac Lake
Locals look forward to the changing tide of color if not the flood of leaf-peepers that with it always wash ashore.
And where ever we gather, we rate this year's colors against those of the past
And lament the rains or the winds that almost always seems to cut the season short.

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