Saturday, February 26, 2011

Family - Damn Family

Family. Damn family.
They are everything that matters on this earth.
They are the source of the greatest love.
They are the source of the greatest heartaches.
Unconditional love.
Hard, ruthless judgement.

It is a shame how hard it is to overlook history, when we all know deep down Love is all that matters.

Love doesn't always feel good. The deeper the love, the harder it hurts sometimes. But life without love is truly pitiful.

Your family is everything - not just the family you choose and create, your "immediate" family, but ALL your family, your "extended" family, blood relatives all. They are the closest bonds we have on this earth, like it or not. DNA IS thicker than water.

We may be spiritual beings, but we need that live connection we can only find in family. Call one of them today.

Caveats: longer than the content. Such is the world we live in. . .

• This is, like most of my writing, about the shared human condition as much, or more, than it is about personal experience. I love my family. And my children are the reason my heart beats.

• Family is defined here primarily by the shared DNA. That means a chosen family member, ie spouse - is NOT the same as a God-given family member, including siblings, parents, and offspring. But I recognize that there is a wide diversity of living situations. I would never mean to discount a step-member or anyone else who is family to you. Feel free to substitute "friends" for "family" if that works for you. But remember, if you HAVE family, don't blow this off just because you think it doesn't apply to you, just because you happen to not like your family.

• So, don't - NOBODY - take this out of context. Read it. Enjoy it, or not. Take something from it. And may God bless you and your family

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