Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GEICO not so good to the OTHER Guys

And by other guys, I mean us. A Geico client rolled his car 40 feet down our yard and over our son's cherry '99 Saab, destroying it and four evergreen trees in the process. Our yard is strewn with glass and sharp body parts and pieces and we are down one vehicle, through NO FAULT of ours. Geico is refusing to provide a rental vehicle or clean up the yard until they can "get in touch with their client." Meanwhile, we have a safety hazard in our yard AND are stuck juggling vehicles.

So, here is what happens when an SUV does an endo over the backof a '99 Saab
At least they didn't find the body in the trunk. Oh! Bada-bing!


1 comment:

  1. I'm actually impressed how well that SAAB took the damage.

    Good luck with "the process". Hard to put a dollar-amount on those lost trees. I'm sure they were quite valuable to you. !!

    What an unusual indcident.