Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Early Morning Mystico

Sunday December 20 2009, 3 AM.
Fascinating occasional peripheral aura left and right. It looks a bit like something out of BBCA's Primeval - a colorful yet clear, shimmering curtain-like wave that flows up one or the other outer peripheral vision. Also weird is a tapping & guinea pig-like prrrllrp. I've only had pre-migraine aura once in 20 years of migraines. I believe the aura & sounds to be unrelated, unless BOTH are caused by some spirit - my mother-in-law's ghost, for instance. So, perhaps it is migraineous aura and ghost of old cat Dusty. Or maybe lack of sleep and hours propped up in bed thumb-typing on my BlackBerry as it irradiates my brain.

New developments to visual show are occasional tiny yet bright flashes, also at the outer limits of my peripheral vision; and a bit of occasional energy aura surrounding my thumbs as I type. Also, the peripheral aura now sometimes ripples up and back down, causing wiggly distortion off to the edges.

Then again, it could just be sensory difficulty processing a relatively bright screen in a room that is otherwise quite devoid of light.

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