Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The World: You. Me. Life.

Do we live in a simple world or a complicated world? I think we live in a world we simply, as in unnecessarily, complicate. I feel blessed that once or twice in my life I have been able to pierce that vail of unnecessary complication and open the eyes, soul and heart of another . . . to connect deeply, completely. It isn't easy to rip open the bubble that keeps us from achieving the possibilities of the here and now. It is even more difficult to convince a kindred soul to rip through hers so that you may each stretch out your arms and truly grasp unfetterred love. A foggy night on a city bridge where nothing but love shouts to the skies and slowly wins over the reluctant partner. Poems and stories shared, unveiling a love whose breath never coincided to light the embers of a hidden, shared fire. A cautious, reluctant dance of words around music: two worlds, one passion.

Life, the world, is simple. We complicate it every time we put up a barrier to connecting heart to heart. Heart to heart, it burns united, it rips shredding agony when pulled apart, but stokes the furnace of life if simply allowed to burn its natural course. For me, its never been that fabled two hearts as one for ever and ever. Yet, I gladly carry the pain and scars for the loves that have been.

I love the idea of love.

Me. You. Something. Here. Now.

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