Friday, April 10, 2009

Pondering Reality (or Why I Don't Sleep at Night)

I've been pondering life & death, self & other lately. We all walk in a little bubble of present reality. People pass by in their own bubbles, interact with us, and then, from our own perspective, cease to exist. Yet, they do exist, in their own traveling bubble of present reality.

On a bigger scale, we live our own personal lives, carving a path in space & time that is uniquely ours. Yet time existed long before us. Billions of years of time. And, scary to really think about, time will exist after us. But think too hard and seriously about that & you'll make yourself sick.

I sometimes try to imagine that moment of death, when there is first self-awareness and then, at least in this world, black nothingness. I can remeber the sinking pit in my stomache the first time I thought about that as a young boy.

And you wonder why. I don't sleep at night?

Welcome to my bubble!

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