Monday, March 09, 2009 - A REAL Pain in the Ass!

I used to be a customer of STAMPS.COM and I am here to offer a warning. They SUCK! And here is why . . . allows you to create and print postage for a nominal monthly fee. You sign up for on-line through a fairly simple process. But the ONLY WAY to cancel your account is to call the idiots on the phone, allowing them to continue to charge you a monthly fee even when you stop using them.

About six months ago, I figured out I wasn't using the service enough to warrant the $5 per month baselin it was costing me, so I logged into my account in order to cancel it. There was no way on-line to cancel the account, so I sent them an email. They replied that I had to call them on the phone "for security reasons" in order to cancel the account. Not having the time or inclination to listen to their retention pitch, I fired off a nasty email and continued on my way. Fortunately, the credit card I was using for the account was no longer valid. has been sending me monthly statements, adding $5 each month, along with a notice that I need to update my billing method since my credit card is no longer valid. So I suppose if I was dead, they'd keep charging me, too.

In our LATEST round of emails, they started quoting their service agreement which now states that "all account cancellation requests must be submitted to our Customer Support department by telephone. Our cancellation policy is in place to ensure the security and privacy of your personal and financial information." Pretty funny considering they had no qualms about security when I signed up on-line! What a BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!

In all this time, they never bumped up my request to someone who might actually give a damn about customer service or their company image. So, in keeping with my last threatening email to them, this is my campaign to spread the word about why STAMPS.COM SUCKS! sucks. Use their service at your own peril! PLEASE ADD YOUR BEEFS TO THE COMMENT SECTION!

Oh yeah, one more thing:


(Hey, I've TRIED to resolve this in a civilized manner)

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