Sunday, December 14, 2008


I've been thinking introspectively lately, reflecting pensively on events in  my long past and how they shaped me and stilll echo through my life and my actions. Much of it is way too personal to post in a public forum, so I'll just share a reflection from last night that is not quite so soul deep. . . .
12/14/08 - A bit after midnight.
It is 16°F outside, but toasty warm in here. Poor old Brusier is acting more and more like a very old dog. It is sad to think of losing him. He has bee a constant companion for all. He watched the kids grow up. When they were little, he herded them up. One day, he grabbed Mathew by the hand or arm or mitten or coat sleeve - I think he was trying to get Mathew herded up with Emily as they both played in the snow.p
It was a pleasant enough day. I finished my Sunday program, tried  out a little electic guitar and wah wah pedal on some Christmas Tunes. I am not sure which guitar I will use for the Christmas Eve Service, the 1973 Martin D18 acoustic or the 1998 Les Paul Standard electric guitar. I experimented with settings on my Berringer modeling amp, trying to find just the right sound.
I hope my voice will be in good form for Christmas Eve, since I am opening the service with a solo "I'll Be Home For Christmas" to honor our men and woman in the military who are deployed far from home. It seems something always happens before that service - a cold or a sinus infection. One year I badly  cut the  tip of my index finger on a nail. It was a deep gash and I had to play guitar with a wound that bled through the gauze because the wound hadn't clotted and scabbed yet. It was on my left hand, the chord hand for a right-handed guitarist.
Well, it is off to bed, though I don't feel much like sleeping. My pain med winds me up and my neuralgia meds make me wobbly.

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  1. Well, the word is I did alright Christmas eve. I know I had a blast, crooning and playing.