Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rant on On-Line Television Programs - MOVE MEDIA PLAYER Sucks

I have been trying to catch a few missed episodes of favorite shows by going to the networks' on-line program offerings. Most networks offer full versions of some or all of their episodes online. However, a FEW networks have switched to a NON-FLASH "New Full Episode" MOVE MEDIA PLAYER that has to be installed in order to play their shows. BUT no matter what I do I can't get the MOVE MEDIA PLAYER to work for Firefox OR MSIE. And the player doesn't even PRETEND to work with Google Chrome. And then they have the gall to SELL their shows on iTunes instead of just GIVING THEM AWAY. COME ON! It's as if you don't WANT to be popular!

The NETWORKS THAT SUCK (because of  the MOVE MEDIA non-standard video player) are:

ABC Sucks - Life on Mars, Lost, Greys Anatomy
FOX Sucks - Bones, Prison Break, House, Family Guy, King of the Hill, Kitchen Nightmares

The NETWORKS THAT ARE COOL (because they offer full episodes that work with all browsers) are:

NBC is COOL- 30 Rock, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, My Name is Earl, the Office
CBS is Cool - CSI Crime Scene Investigation, Two and a Half  Men, Original Star Trek remastered (nice resolution but missing many full episodes)
Showtime is COOL  - Dexter, Californication, Weeds (but they don't offer many episodes and the online versions of shows are heavily censored)
USA Network is COOL - Monk, House (but TURN OFF  that  annoying auto-play)

In Summary, the MOVE MEDIA PLAYER sucks and so, by association, do the networks that use this stupid program. So if a station asks you to "INSTALL OUR NEW PLAYER" because it does all these wonderful things, DON'T - and then email the network with a link to this posting.

Now, enjoy this from one of the good guys!!

DEXTER Show 301 (edited for content)


  1. It gets worse, the 'new' version of the Move Media plugin actually blocks you based on your OS, even versions of windows functionally identical to ones they're not blocking. At no point does it ever actually say that though. In fact, the 'new' plugin has less support than their system requirements show.

    In the end you're stuck in an endless plugin reinstall circle-jerk, resulting in video that never actually loads, with no indication of why. But the Ads play right away! Gotta make damned sure those ads play without fail. The show itself? Eh, why bother with that.

    Move Media has the single most restrictive streaming video 'solution' used by any of the networks. If they want it seen at all soon, they'll need to dump them for plain old trusty flash.

    People don't want Online TV to be any more restrictive than hitting Play and sitting back. Just like on their Televisions.

  2. Are you using Vista? I have never had a problem with the Move Media Player on Win2000 or WinXP, but now that I have Vista on my machine, I can't get the Move Media Player to work no matter how hard I try.

    This definitely needs to be addressed by Move Networks and all of the companies that have licensed their technology.

  3. No, I am using Windows XP on a powerful laptop. And I am no NEWBIE, either, but an extreme techie