Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sears Kenmore Appliances = Crapware!

OK, it is just MY opinion, but we've now had a top of the line Kenmore Elite microwave range hood crap out just after the warranty and a Kenmore Elite HE3t front-loading washer do the same. With the micro-hood, a circuit board went and the cost to repair with parts and labor was almost equal to a brand new micro-hood! With the washer, the door gasket ripped, allowing coins and bobby pins into the washer pump, cracking the housing. Parts and labor just for the gasket was about $250. The pump will be another hundred bucks for the part if I can't repair it with epoxy. At least I can do the labor myself.

Oh yeah, and the fancy matching dryer had a door switch go and I had to fix that.

Therefore, MY conclusion is Sears Kenmore = Crapware! Sure, they make some smart looking appliances, but Geez!

So I don't think we'll be buying from them again.
Elite my ass!

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  1. i have the same w+d but i just added a year warranty on both for $170. all parts and labor. so far so good. except the washer has to have an occasional bleach and vinegar rinse out. my microwave messes with my wifi. if anything happens, i can't drag any of this stuff with me (ie acts of God, riots, zombie attacks), so i just take deep breaths and am thankful i have the use of them. :O)