Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barnes & Noble

The reason why B & N can afford to have people milling about in their store all afternoon with nary a sale is that they charge so frigging much for a book! MSRP. Retail. Full price.
But if you want a nice place to hang out, with a clean bathroom & good coffee, or maybe want a paperback right now . . .
I'm just saying: Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. Barnes & Noble price $16.16 ($14.95 + tax), Amazon $10 & change, free 2 day shipping w/my Amazon Prime account.
And this is a cheaply made paperback, content not withstanding - that flimsy off-white paper & thin paper cover. Sniff the pages & it smells like grade school, that cheap brownish paper that made the best spitballs - more pulp than paper. I think it is the wood fibers you can smell. I remember the taste.
Rip. Chew. Spit. Thwack. Bulls eye!

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