Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shoot the Messenger

That is the one thing I really hate about being a consultant. People tend to shoot the messenger. Some guy is overweight and he goes to the doctor. The doctor says "You are fat. You need to diet and exercise." Most people just go on with life as usual, maybe muttering about their useless doctor.

Clients come to me and say "My lake is a cesspool. What's wrong? Fix it." So I tell them THEY are the problem, the 250 septic systems and acres of lawn fertilizers that run off into the lake. Well, that requires more than a lot of money - it requires a behavioral change, too.
Suddenly you are a pleb instead of an expert.
"Um, we need a second opinion." "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Being a Christian disciple is the only undertaking where persecution is considered a sign that you are doing your job right. It is right there in the job description!

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