Friday, September 07, 2007

Empty Train to Nowhere

There's an empty train to nowhere
and I hear that whistle blow
Where it's bound I have no knowledge
but I'll ride where're it goes.

I've been so long at this station
waiting for that train to come
If I hop aboard that freighter
who's to miss me when I'm gone?

I've been west to California
Rode the south to Georgia line
I've been north across the border
still you're always on my mind.

Hear that whistle blow at midnight,
hear that whistle blow at dawn.
If you listen for that whistle,
hear it next and know I'm gone.

Words and Music copyright @ Michael R. Martin 2007
Pine Street Park • Saranac Lake NY • June/July 2007
Meadowlark • Washington ME • August 2007

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