Tuesday, June 28, 2005

4:13 AM, Adirondack time

It's 4:13 AM, Adirondack time,
I listen to the first lone robin call.
I am as pleased with the dawn as him
though I haven't slept at all.

At 4:28 a junco joins in
with its twittery, jittery song.
My mind so filled with thoughts of you,
my heart jittered all night long.

At 4:38 it's a phoebe's turn,
By 4:40 the gang convenes -
sparrows, wrens, and last a crow -
I wonder what it all means.

If I could sing a song to you,
the sun rising into summertime haze,
You'd hear love as clear as that robin's first call -
A love first, true and to the last of our days.

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