Monday, September 20, 2004

Still here

Oh, I am still here. . ..
Been writing some stuff, recording some thoughts
Just haven't made it to the blog.

New in my life:
  • Wrote TWO NEW SONGS (!) at Meadowlark Music Camp this year, "Summer Fading" and "Queen Anne's Lace"
  • Finished up a banjo song I have been working on for awhile, entitled "Poison Ivy"
  • Planning a new album of all originals, including the new songs, entitled "Summer Fading"
  • Have begun recording the songs I sing in the Praise & Worship Service that I lead each Sunday morning. The result will be a collection of music that out pastor (and others) can use when I am not around. (ED. NOTE: Songs of Praise Volume One now complete!) Right now, they have just been using the few songs features on "Glitch Unplugged."
  • Keep up-to-date on my music, plus find links to my musical friends, at
  • Been trying new vitamin and supplement routine to help prevent migraines, including multi-vitamin, feverfew, calcium and magnesium.
  • The kids are back to school; Emily has started cross-country and Mathew is signed up for hcckey.
Not so new in my life:
  • Still getting headaches, debilitating headaches requiring meds and sometimes shots

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