Friday, August 06, 2004

Girl on a Stoop, Saranac Lake

The young girl sits on her stoop, on her stoop
expectantly watching as hours go by
expectantly waiting for nothing to happen
her head barely turning as traffic goes by.

She's all of sixteen with her freckles and short hair
her whole before her and nothing to lose
She sits and she w atches, still as a statue
dreaming that life would reach out, her to choose

Lady child in that Saranac town
she sits and she watches as nothing goes down
Lady child how I wish I could show you
you're part of the reason this world spins around.

Time passes by and the sky starts to darken
The traffic still passes as headlights come on
She sits unobserved and fades into the scene of
old buildngs and porches that line streets in this town.

from August 30. 2002

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